23 Nov 2022

Introducing Our Net Zero Inspired Program

Get Inspired With Net Zero Homes

14 Apr 2022

Top 10 Words to Know When Building a Cedarglen Home

Familiarize Yourself with Our Most Common Terminology

Building a new home is an exciting milestone, but it can be a lot easier and less stressful when you...

15 Mar 2022

We Are Officially a Qualified Net Zero Builder

Net Zero Home - Qualified Builder - Cedarglen Homes

Discover How Cedarglen Homes is Building for a Greener Future

Over the years there has been plenty of buzz around developing sustainable building...

23 Feb 2022

Meet Melissa Norris

Area Sales Manager in Belmont

Cedarglen Homes is excited to welcome a new Area Sales Manager to our front drive single family homes in Belmont - Melissa...

17 Jan 2022

Meet Megan Pangilinan

Area Sales Manager in Aspen Spring Estates

Cedarglen Homes is proud to welcome back Megan Pangilinan to our team as one of our Area Sales Managers. Megan...

23 Jul 2020

Meet Crystal Chu

Cedarglen Homes is proud to welcome a new Area Sales Manager to our paired homes in The Parks of Harvest Hills – Crystal Chu, 朱珊珊. Crystal brings a wealth...

19 Dec 2019

CH = E2


Building a new house can be a complicated equation that involves many different factors adding up to equal the right home for you. The right floorplan +...

19 Dec 2019

Best of 2019


As we look back on the homes we have built over the years, it is safe to say that trends come in and out of style quite quickly. After reviewing our homes...

19 Dec 2019

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Cedarglen Homes-1
23 Aug 2019

Your Home OnTrack


Our vision at Cedarglen Homes has always been to revolutionize the home building process and one of our approaches to meet this vision is through...

29 May 2019

Meet Cindy Drummond

Cindy Drummond - Blog Picture

Cedarglen Homes has been a part of Cranston’s Riverstone since 2012 and we are beyond excited to be opening our next set of showhomes on June 22, 2019. As...

08 May 2019

Meet Reda Sabbah

Reda Sabbah - Blog Picture

Livingston is an incredible community in north east Calgary that is quickly growing in both size and amenities. Designed with the ability for homeowners...

08 May 2019

Meet Kimberley Holstein

Kimberley Holstein - Blog Picture

The Rise West Grove Estates is one of our most popular communities in Calgary as it offers the chance to live close to downtown while still maintaining a...

08 May 2019

Meet Dennis Mullen

Dennis Mullen - Blog Picture

Seton is one of the newest and most exciting developments taking place in Calgary. This vibrant new community is home to the South Health Campus and the...

02 May 2019

Cedarglen Sponsored Events This Weekend

blog header picture

Don’t let the gloomy weather get you down, grab your friends and family and check out two exciting events that we are excited to be participating in this...

10 Apr 2019

Meet Ryan Christensen


Cedarglen Homes is beyond proud to have one of the greatest sales teams here in Calgary and each person plays an integral role in the overall success of...

29 Mar 2019

2019 Builder of Choice Award Winner

Cedarglen_HOMEAwards_003 300dpi

On March 15th, 2019 Cedarglen Homes was awarded Customer Insight’s Top Award for Large Volume, Single-family, the Builder of Choice Award – Calgary. This...

22 Mar 2019

Personalize vs. Customize


Over the years it has become common practice for homebuilders to offer prospective home buyers the opportunity to personalize their new homes to better...

14 Feb 2019

Meet The Response Team



15 Jan 2019

New Year New Website



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