Your Homebuilding Journey Passport 10 Jul 2023

Your Homebuilding Journey Passport

Explore All Steps Involved in Your Homebuilder Journey

At Cedarglen Homes, we aim to ensure our homebuyers feel educated and empowered throughout their build so that they can sit back and enjoy the entire journey. In many ways, building a new home can be likened to going on a year-long trip around the world. Most of the work must be done prior to starting your trip - such as booking transportation and accommodations and determining a travel schedule. Similarly, when building a new home there are several important decisions that must be made before construction can begin such as finalizing floorplans, making interior and exterior selections and more. When travelling around the world, you will meet many people who will aid in your journey such as flight attendants, hotel concierge, and tour guides. Likewise, when building a new home, you will also have a team of individuals dedicated to delivering your perfect home – from Design Consultants and Sales Managers, through to Site Supervisors and Customer Relations Representatives.

To make one’s experience as easy to navigate as possible, we have created a Customer Journey Passport that can be used to prepare for and document each milestone in the homebuilding journey. These passports will be handed out to all homebuyers once their purchase agreements have been finalized, and they include pertinent information on what to expect during upcoming meetings. In addition to the meeting details, homebuyers will have access to a comprehensive video library with details on each required meeting. The goal of this passport system is that homebuyers will feel prepared for their upcoming appointments and have a personalized keepsake that they can look back on to remind them of their experience building with Cedarglen Homes.

See below for a brief overview on all the appointments that homebuyers will be required to attend throughout their homebuilding journey.

  1. Preview Meeting
    Cedarglen Homes encourages homebuyers to make an appointment in the Studio 81 Design Centre to preview the impressive interior selections offered. Learn more. 

  2. Appliance Selection Meeting
    Homebuyers will visit Trail Appliances to select all appliances for their new home. Purchasing through Trail Appliances ensures all appliances are covered by the necessary warranties and are installed by a professional. Appliance selections will also help determine the final cabinet layout. Learn more. 

  3. Plan Presentation Meeting
    Homebuyers will meet with their Area Sales Manager to review all the details of their new home. This includes structural changes, exterior colours and both Schedules A and B. Learn more. 

  4. Preliminary Selection Meeting
    At this meeting, homebuyers will work with a Cedarglen Homes Design Consultant to select all the interior finishings for their new home (i.e., cabinets, flooring, tile, hardware etc.). This will be the first opportunity for homebuyers to see their future home design come to life. Learn more. 

  5. Final Selection Meeting
    Now that homebuyers have selected their interior finishings at their Preliminary Meeting, it is time to review those selections. By the end of this meeting homebuyers will be required to finalize and sign off on all selections and change orders. Learn more. 

  6. Structured Wiring Meeting
    At this meeting, homebuyers meet virtually with a supplier to review their house plans and determine opportunities throughout the home to add entertainment and security wiring (i.e., ceiling speakers, alarm systems, home entertainment etc.). Learn more.

  7. Glass & Mirror Selections Meeting
    Meet with a Cedarglen Homes supplier to review alternative shower glass, custom mirrors, and custom closet shelving options. Learn more. 

  8. Construction Start Meeting
    During this meeting homebuyers will work with a CRR to complete a detailed review of their house plans and plot plan. Learn more. 

  9. Electrical Orientation & Lighting Selections
    The Site Supervisor will meet the homebuyer onsite at their new home to review the standard electrical wiring layout. Cedarglen Homes recommends homebuyers review their house plans prior to this meeting and be prepared to discuss any necessary changes.
    One of Cedarglen Homes’ lighting supplier representatives will work with the homebuyer to review their electrical orientation plans and determine what fixtures they will need to select. Cedarglen Homes provides you with a lighting allowance based on the square footage of their home. Learn more. 

  10. Window Coverings Meeting
    If interested, homebuyers can meet with Cedarglen Homes’ in-house Window Coverings Specialist to select window coverings for their new home. Window coverings selected at Studio 81 require a 20% down payment and the remaining 80% can be included as part of their mortgage. Learn more. 

  11. Meet with Lawyers
    Once homebuyers have received mortgage instructions from their lender, the Cedarglen Homes lawyer will contact them to set up a meeting prior to Possession to review final paperwork. All parties listed on the Purchase Agreement must be in attendance. Learn more. 

  12. Home Orientation
    The meeting takes places roughly one week prior to the confirmed possession date. Along with the Site Supervisors, homebuyers will review the mechanics of their home as well as document any possible deficiencies to be addressed prior to taking possession. Learn more. 

  13. Possession Orientation
    Possession day! Today homeowners will review any deficiencies noted at their Home Orientation to confirm if they have been resolved. Any new items will be scheduled to be addressed. Homeowners will then sign off on all final legal documents and keys will be released. Learn more. 

  14. Warranty & Inspections
    After taking possession, the Site Supervisors will schedule a 60-Day Orientation and 1-Year Orientation to review any deficiencies and home maintenance. Any issues outside of this time can be brought up to the Cedarglen Homes Response Team. Learn more.