Introducing Our Net Zero Inspired Program 23 Nov 2022

Introducing Our Net Zero Inspired Program

Get Inspired With Net Zero Homes

In recent years, sustainability has become top-of-mind amongst new homebuyers and Cedarglen Homes is pleased to be among the few Qualified Net Zero Builders in Calgary. In 2016, the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change committed to a net-zero ready building code by 2030. More recently, the 2020 National Building & Energy Codes have introduced ‘Tiered Energy Codes’ as a pathway towards all new construction homes reaching Net Zero. Under this program, the first tier would be the current building code minimum and the final (fifth) tier would be a fully certified Net Zero Home (i.e., a home that produces as much renewable energy as it consumes on an annual basis).

In anticipation of these code changes, Cedarglen Homes has been working on improving our building practices so that we are well prepared prior to these standards being enforced. Our team has always placed a great emphasis on energy efficiency, as evident through our use of the government backed EnerGuide rating scale since 2016. Our sustainability initiatives continue with our commitment to building high performance homes, as seen through the development of our Net Zero Inspired program identified below.

Currently, all our homes include various energy efficient features as part of our EnerGuide program. Building upon those features, we are pleased to offer 5 distinct packages that homebuyers can select from as part of our new Net Zero Inspired program.

  1. Net Zero Inspired
  2. Net Zero Inspired+
  3. Net Zero Ready
  4. Net Zero Ready+
  5. Net Zero Certified

Each of these packages will improve your home’s overall performance which can have significant benefits to homebuyers with regards to comfort, healthy, productivity and financial stability. To learn more about our Net Zero Inspired program and to see what package is right for you, click HERE.