Personalize vs. Customize 22 Mar 2019

Personalize vs. Customize

Over the years it has become common practice for homebuilders to offer prospective home buyers the opportunity to personalize their new homes to better suit their personal tastes. After all, if home buyers are going to commit to the process of building a new home, they want to feel that it truly reflects their style otherwise they could just go out and buy an existing home. However, there is a big difference between personalization and customization, so it is important to note what each homebuilder offers.

When it comes to homebuilding, personalization often involves the opportunity to make cosmetic changes and provide a face lift to the existing floor plans. This can take the form of selecting which appliances you want, the type of flooring used throughout the house, the color of the backsplash in your kitchens etc. It is standard practice for homebuilders to offer this level of personalization to home buyers, and it can make a huge difference when trying to make a home feel like yours.

Customization takes things one step further by allowing the home buyer to change up the floor plan to so that it is functional and works for their lifestyle. For example, if you have a larger family you may want to add an additional bedroom to the upper floor or convert a half-bathroom into a full bathroom. This practice is less common in the industry as it involves a great deal more work on the homebuilders end and can lengthen the process for home buyers as well. Nevertheless, the opportunity to create custom spaces for your family can make a significant difference when choosing which builder to work with.

At Cedarglen Homes, we offer home buyers the opportunity to both personalize and customize their home to ensure that they are entirely satisfied with the result. For the homebuilding process to run as smoothly as possible, our team has created a variety of custom modules for all our top-selling models that reflect common changes we see home buyers making. This way, if someone wants to add a working kitchen or move the bonus room to the front of the house it is a simple change we can make at the beginning of the process as the plans are already drawn up. If you have a specific idea for a change that we haven’t thought of, stop by one of our showhomes to chat with our team and we will see what we can do to help you create your perfect home.