Molok Waste Systems 20 Sep 2018

Molok Waste Systems




The future of waste management has arrived, and we are beyond excited to play a part in this movement. Long gone are the days of foul odors from your garbage bins and being woken up by the garbage truck on your street every few days. The Gardens in The Parks of Harvest Hills will now be featuring the increasingly popular Molok waste management system. But what is this newfound system, and where did it all begin?

In the early 1990’s an idea was born that changed the way waste was dealt with around the world. The Molok deep collection method focuses on a vertical waste container that is approximately 60% underground. Due to its vertical design the bins themselves take up a fraction of the space that normal garbage bins would which allows for more aesthetically pleasing additions to a community such as more landscaping. As people drop their waste into the container, the weight of the top layer compacts the waste beneath it to hold 20% more. The cool temperatures underground also promote slow bacterial development which in turn helps to minimize odours.

Seeing as though the Molok system can hold more waste than conventional surface containers, it also reduces the need for frequent emptying. A study by the Tampere University of Technology states that collection from the Molok bins required 80% less container emptying’s compared to the conventional methods. The Molok containers are emptied using a crane in a truck which results in no heavy manual work for the drivers and allows for all the garbage to remain safely contained within the heavy-duty bag. All Molok bins are water proof, durable and include maintenance and cleaning services for added convenience.

With all these benefits, it is clear to see why these state-of-the-art bins are becoming such a sensation around the world. For more information on the Molok waste management system, click here. Stay tuned for updates on when these bins will be installed in our newest development in The Gardens in The Parks of Harvest Hills.