CustomerInsight’s Builder of Choice Award 22 Mar 2018

CustomerInsight’s Builder of Choice Award



By Howard Tse, President of Cedarglen Homes

When buying a new home, most people revel in the excitement of choosing the right community and finding the perfect home. Often, it is not until you move in that you reflect on your homebuilding experience. At Cedarglen Homes, we believe the homebuilding experience is about the exciting product we build and the journey we take together.

For the fifth consecutive year, CustomerInsight has certified Cedarglen Homes with the Home Owner Mark of Excellence (H.O.M.E). This distinction is based solely on the experience of your homeowners from the time they move in and through to their one-year anniversary. On March 9th, we also received CustomerInsight’s Builder of Choice Award – Calgary, for the second year in a row. This award is based on the result of surveys conducted with our homeowners, trades and suppliers and staff.

The Builder of Choice Award is particularly exciting because the survey is based on their experiences with Cedarglen Homes. For our homebuyer, they were asked to rate us on a series of criteria such as “Home Readiness”, “Overall Quality of Workmanship” and “Referral Potential”. For our trades and suppliers and staff, among other questions, they were asked “How likely they are to refer Cedarglen Homes as a builder or employer.” The results were astounding, resulting in Cedarglen Homes capturing the Builder of Choice Award for the second straight year.

This award was a great acknowledgement for our team and our leadership. We would like to thank our homeowners for choosing Cedarglen Homes and our trades and suppliers for their commitment to our process and our product. Finally, thank you to our staff who are not just a collection of individuals working towards a common goal, but a TEAM!


Thank you!