A Home for You and Your Pets 15 Jan 2019

A Home for You and Your Pets

Your pets play a huge role in your life which means that your home is just as much their home. While little critters like bunnies and hamsters can be easily contained, larger pets like cats and dogs tend to roam around and make themselves at home quickly. When looking to build a new home, it is recommended that you keep this in mind to ensure your home is as pet-friendly as it is beautiful. Keep some of these helpful tips in mind when starting your homebuilding journey.


Even if your pets are fully house trained there are bound to be situations where stains occur. Carpet is not recommended for most pet owners simply because it is much harder to clean when your furry friend has an accident or tracks in mud from outside. Alternatively, hardwood flooring requires a fair amount of upkeep and can be susceptible to wear and tear such as scratches and dents from your pets running around. Consider opting for something like luxury vinyl plank instead which can mirror the look of hardwood while offering more durability for the environment. If you still desire the coziness that a carpet provides, you can always invest in a fun area rug that is easier to clean and can be swapped out as your style preferences change.

Take extra care when selecting the furniture in your main living areas to ensure that the fabric can withstand your dogs shedding or your cats clawing. Leather is a good choice as it does not attract fur and it can be wiped clean if a stain occurs. However, it can be quite susceptible to scratches. Microfiber is another great option as it doesn’t scratch, and most stains can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water. If possible, try to select fabric that would hide any blemishes that occur (i.e. a black couch for a black shedding cat).

Invest in Your Pet
The best way to avoid animal-related damages to your home is to take the time to focus on your pet and its needs. Clip their nails often and take the time to groom them regularly. If you have a cat that is prone to scratching, try investing in a scratching post. If you have a dog who loves to sleep on the sofa, try training them to sleep on a comfy new dog bed.