What is a Homeowners Association 27 Jul 2021

What is a Homeowners Association

Calgary Homeowner's Associations - What are they & what are the benefits?

As a rapidly growing city, Calgary is well known for its vibrant new communities found in all quadrants of the city. Choosing where you want to place roots within the city is a big decision and several important factors place into that ruling. However, one of the most valuable features to look for in a new community is the presence of a Homeowners Association (HOA).

A Homeowners Association serves as the heart of a community – a place where residents can come together to enjoy the space with friends and family. This hub of the community not only provides a vibrant and engaging facility to use, but it also offers a variety of programming and events for all ages to experience. HOA’s operate as a non-profit organization that also places a great emphasis on enhanced community maintenance to ensure your streets, parks and pathways remain beautiful year-round. It is important to note that Homeowners Associations often come with a mandatory fee that all residents in the community have to pay – however this small fee includes complete access to the facilities and covers all programs and services mentioned above.

When looking at the various new communities in Calgary that Cedarglen Homes builds in, one can see that many of the communities developed by Brookfield Residential come with their own HOA. Each of these facilities offer enhanced community maintenance as well some fantastic programming for residents. Continue reading to explore a bit more on these impressive operations in the Calgary communities that Cedarglen Homes currently builds in.

*Note all HOA Fees are subject to change. For the most up-to-date fee information, please visit each HOA website respectively. 



The Livingston HOA is finished construction and is now open to residents. This 35,000 sq. ft. facility includes:

  • Skating rinks (leisure and hockey)
  • Playground
  • Tennis courts
  • Amphitheatre
  • Water spray park
  • Gathering spaces
  • Multi-purpose gymnasium
  • Banquet hall
  • Community kitchen & more!

Fees for the Livingston HOA are approximately $400/year*. For more information on the Livingston HOA, click here.



Century Hall serves both upper Cranston and Cranston’s Rivestone’s residents and includes:

  • 7-acre park space
  • Splash park
  • Skating rinks (leisure and hockey)
  • Tennis court
  • Toboggan chute
  • Basketball courts
  • Banquet hall
  • Multi-purpose gymnasium
  • Daycare

Fees for Cranston’s Riverstone Residents Association are $470.40/year*. For more information on Century Hall, click here.



The Seton Homeowners Association was recently approved to be double the size of its original plans (from 3-acres to 6 acres). This facility is set open in 2022/2023 so exact plans have yet to be finalized – but we can only imagine how incredible it will be. Fees for the Seton Homeowners Association are projected to be approximately $375/year*. For more information on the Seton HOA, click here.



The Rockland Park Homeowners Association will welcome all residents into a 6,500 sq. ft. lifestyle centre with a 4-acre park. Plans for this space are preliminary but will likely include:

  • Outdoor pool and hot tub
  • Multi-age Playground
  • Central firepit and gathering spaces
  • Hockey rink/Basketball court/Skateboard Area
  • Skate & Adventure Trail
  • Picnic & BBQ Shelters
  • Community Gardens
  • Amphitheatre/Outdoor Classroom

Fees for the Rockland Park Homeowners Association are projected to be approximately $550 for single family homes and $412 for multifamily homes. Click here for more information on this HOA and for the most up to date information regarding HOA fees.