Stay Cool This Summer 26 Jul 2019

Stay Cool This Summer

Although Calgary isn’t typically considered a hot climate, there has been a spell of warm weather that has everyone reaching for their air conditioners. Unfortunately, there is a high price tag that comes with running your air conditioner for long periods of time. While Cedarglen Homes uses the EnerGuide rating scale to ensure our homes are as efficient as possible, if you have any form of air conditioning in your home there are some simple changes you can make to ensure your summer utility bills don’t get away from you. No need to break the bank to stay cool this summer.

Windows, Windows, Windows

When the temperature outside is warmer than it is inside, be sure to keep all the windows in your house shut to keep the cool air inside. Close all the blinds and window coverings in your home when the sun is shining to help prevent the home from heating up. Plan to shut all windows during the day and open them back up in the evening as the temperature begins to drop again. Instead of leaving your air conditioner on overnight, open a few windows throughout your house to create a cross breeze of cool air that will quickly drop the overall temperature of your house.

Don’t Let the Cool Air Out

Walk around your house and check to see if there are spots around the windows and doors where air could be escaping. If there are any gaps or if the current weather stripping is damaged, be sure to fix as needed and create a tight seal.

Utilize Fans

While a fan may not cool you down as quickly as an air conditioner, it will blow the warm cushion of air around your body away and lower your temperature by a few degrees. Whether you have a ceiling fan, a tower fan or even a small desk fan – every little bit of air flow will make difference in keeping you cool, and they all use a fraction of the amount of energy as an air conditioner.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Invest in a smart thermostat to help control the heating and cooling in your home based on when it is most needed. Set the temperature to be cooler during the evenings when you are home but adjust accordingly so that the AC isn’t blasting during the day when you are away. The new ‘smart’ thermostats are built with learning technology to automatically adjust the temperature when you are not home and it will learn your household patterns to ensure it is running efficiently. Check out this article for a round-up of the best smart thermostats in 2019.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Do not neglect taking care of your air conditioner maintenance and ensure that it is properly maintained throughout the year. Clogged or blocked air filters will reduce air flow and increase the energy consumption by 5% - 15%. For tips on how to maintain your air conditioner, click here.

Cool Yourself Down First

As soon as most people start feeling too warm in their house, the immediate reaction is to turn on their air conditioner. Instead of reaching for the most expensive option first, make some simple changes to cool you down. Wear loose fitting clothing, pour yourself a cool drink, or even take a cold shower to lower your body temperature. Instead of cooking in the oven for your dinner, take your cooking outside to the BBQ or use the microwave.