Defining Quality & Accountability: Why Doesn't Cedarglen Homes Have a Service Department? 02 Aug 2018

Defining Quality & Accountability: Why Doesn't Cedarglen Homes Have a Service Department?


Written by: Dean Satink, Production Manager


"Why Doesn't Cedarglen Homes Have a Service Department?"

That’s a great question. Several years ago, Cedarglen Homes made the unprecedented move to disband our long-standing service department to focus on the final product that we deliver. A new build home is one of the most complicated manufacturing processes that exist. Built on-site and subject to daylight hours, weather and other man-made hurdles, we take pride in delivering a superior product to our homebuyers.

We often look for innovation outside of our own industry. One comparable that we can relate to our model and our decision to exclude a service department would be to that of a software development process. You don’t consider purchasing a product simply because they have a great process. Rather, you are most interested in the software program and what it promises to do for you and hoping that it can deliver. A software programmer develops code expecting that it will be “bug-free”. That is, they are not thinking about how they are going to deliver a product and how much effort they will invest in supporting it. So to, we expect to deliver a “deficiency-free” home to the best of our abilities.

Our production team takes pride in building a home from the ground up. Their goal is to deliver a completed, new home to each of our homebuyers. They also know that they will be responsible for that home and there will not be a soul to hand the home over to for service. That is, they can’t walk away from their product. When building a new home, it is not simply a six to eight month build commitment, but a relationship that extends into the warranty of the home. While conventional models would have the site supervisor hand over the home to a service team, Cedarglen Homes site supervisors continue the relationship, looking the homeowners in the eye (with a smile) while delivering the keys to their new home. Similar to the software programmer who knows that he will be called upon to fix any bugs, our site supervisors build homes that they are proud of and represent the values associated with the Cedarglen Homes name.

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