Cold Weather Home Maintenance 08 Feb 2018

Cold Weather Home Maintenance

Your hot water tank and furnace under normal use in the winter may develop frost and snow build up on the outside air intake vent. This frost build up is normal, however; the amount can be multiplied when the temperature goes below -20 degrees Celsius. With excess frost or snow build up, these appliances can shut down due to not receiving sufficient air to operate.  Here is a list of some of the items that you will need to keep an eye on during these colder temperatures:

  • Snow and frost are not in the intake or exhaust vent of the hot water tank or furnace
  • Remove any icicles that have built up anywhere near the vents
  • Limit the amount of snow directly underneath the vents
  • The hot water tank intake has a screen on the outside that needs to be free from frost and snow
  • Make sure the furnace filter is clean

Keep these items in mind throughout winter as they are a part of homeowner maintenance and not covered under warranty. If your hot water tank or furnace does stop working,  then our Customer Response Team has the following suggestions for you to get things back up and running.

Hot Water Tank

  1. Clean all frost and snow from all outside vents
  2. Make sure the screen on the intake vent is clear of ice and snow
  3. Un-plug the hot water tank
  4. After 1 minute plug the hot water tank back in
  5. The hot water tank should turn on and hot water will be available once the hot water tank has warmed the water to the desired temperature



  1. Clean all frost and snow from all outside vents
  2. Cut the power from the furnace using the furnace shut off switch (an electrical switch that has "furnace" written on it)
  3. Make sure the furnace filter is clean
  4. Turn the power to the furnace back on
  5. The furnace should now work normally

For more information, please contact the Customer Response Team at (403)255-2000.

Stay warm and have a great weekend,

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