Cedarglen Colouring Contest 25 Mar 2020

Cedarglen Colouring Contest

We are currently in the official second week of self-isolation and social distancing, and boredom is beginning to creep in for several families across the city. As many of us are adjusting to working from home, there has been a definite increase in Netflix consumption and time on social media. Despite the vast amount of options available to us digitally these days, it seems like too much of a good thing is proving to be true. Why not take a break from your TV and computer, and try something different with some good old-fashioned colouring? Whether this is an activity you can give to your kids to work on, or you want to unleash your inner child and try it for yourself - we welcome everyone to join in the fun!

We have taken some of our most popular showhome photos and converted them into colouring pages that you can print off and redesign as you wish. If you want to make it a bit more personal, send us a photo of some of the rooms in your Cedarglen Home and we will convert them into colouring pages for you. Print a copy for everyone in your family and see how each person would redesign the room if they had it their way. Once everyone has putting the finishing touches on their masterpieces, snap a photo of each creation and submit it us to be entered to win a gift certificate to the Apothecary in Inglewood. We are happy to support a local business during this uncertain time in our city, and this fantastic organization is offering online ordering and curb-side pick-up so you can start working on your zero-waste lifestyle while maintaining the required physical distance from others.

Click HERE to view our showhome colouring pages.

Click HERE to send us photo(s) of your Cedarglen Home to be converted into a colouring page for you!



Submit of photo of either one of our showhome colouring pages, or of one of the colouring pages we created from your home photos. You can submit in one of these ways:

The winner will be randomly drawn on APRIL 3rd at 10:00AM (MT) and the winner will be contacted and sent the virtual gift card.

Be sure to follow all our social media accounts, as we will share all submissions for the world to see your talent!