Benefits of a Side Entrance 08 Mar 2023

Benefits of a Side Entrance

Discover Why You Might Want to Add a Side Entrance to Your New Home

One of the major benefits of building a new home is the opportunity to ensure that your home will include all the features necessary to make your day-to-day life easier. While certain attributes such as number of bedrooms or basement development can be easy to find, there are other features that may be more difficult to find in a re-sale home. One of the most commonly requested personalization options that we see our homeowners selecting is the addition of a side entrance to their new home.

A side entrance provides an additional private entry/exit point to the home with direct access to the stairwell leading from the main floor to the basement. Often this is added to a home to provide future tenants with their own private entrance to a secondary suite in the basement. Whether you have tenants renting from you, or you have a multi-generational family living at home, they are able to have a sense of independence without having to come and leave through your main door.

Regardless of if a secondary suite has been built, there are still great benefits to having a side entrance. If you have pets, you could designate this as the main door to use when coming back from walks or the dog park to help avoid tracking muddy paw prints through your home. If you are gardening in the backyard, this door may provide quick access to come in grab what you need. Additionally, having a side entrance can improve the curb appeal of your home as it provides some extra features to look at as opposed to blank siding.

Many of our models come with the opportunity to add a side entrance easily through one of our pre-designed floorplan options. If you are just starting your new home search, we recommend chatting with our Sales Team directly about what you are looking for in your new home so they can help find the right model for you.