What is a Working Kitchen 15 Jan 2019

What is a Working Kitchen



Here at Cedarglen Homes we are all about staying up to date with the latest kitchen design trends, which is why we have begun to incorporate the option of a working kitchen into our homes. But what exactly is a working kitchen, and how can it make a difference in your home?

Simply put, a working kitchen is a secondary kitchen that is often used to cook and prepare especially fragrant foods. These can also be known as a spice kitchen, prep kitchen, chef’s kitchen, or wok kitchen. Regardless of the name, these areas are typically located adjacent to the main kitchen and can include a stove and range with a high-volume exhaust hood, plenty of cabinetry, a sink and several wall plugs for smaller appliances to be used.

While it may seem extravagant at first thought to have two kitchens almost side by side, it can come in handy for several situations. The primary function for a working kitchen is to create an area where you can prepare fragrant foods such as curry, kimchi, or oily dishes and prevent your whole house smelling like that meal for days. However, many families also utilize this extra space when hosting others over so that they can hide their messes and use the main kitchen as an area for entertaining. Alternatively, those with bigger families who tend to cook large meals often use this area as an additional prep space for all their food. The additional stove provides ample opportunities when holidays like Thanksgiving rolls around and you can use one oven for the Turkey, and the other to cook all the side dishes in!

At Cedarglen Homes, many of our most popular models come with the option to add a working kitchen to the main floor. Head into any one of our show homes to chat with our team about making your kitchen dreams come true!