The M Series in Seton 18 Oct 2019

The M Series in Seton

At Cedarglen Homes, our mission is to ‘innovate for better living’ and our latest product creation known as the ‘M Series’ is no exception. The story began last year when our executive team members were discussing the current housing market and trying to understand where there could be room for improvement. One person stated that they were having trouble finding a home for their aging parents who wanted to downsize but did not like the idea of living in a condo. Another person on our team had a son in University who was looking to purchase his first home but did not need a large house with multiple bedrooms. Both situations presented an interesting gap in the current Calgary market that was not being filled. Our team then brainstormed together and came up with a solution that would check all the boxes for both the Millennial generation looking to purchase their first home and the Baby Boomers who were looking to downsize. After the idea was formed, Cedarglen Homes ran it through a series of focus groups to determine the interest in such a product. The results were overwhelmingly positive and thus the M Series bungalows were created.

These modern bungalows present a similar square footage to condos however they provide the opportunity for homeowners to not have to pay condo fees or share walls with their neighbours. This sense of autonomy over one’s own home is a determining factor for a lot of home buyers in the market, which makes these homes stand out. Ranging in size from 897 to 937 square feet, the M Series come with one- and two-bedroom floorplans and the option to develop the basement and add an attached or detached garage. The bedrooms are large enough to fit a king-sized bed and the open concept main living space offers plenty of room to entertain. Furthermore, homeowners can rest easy knowing that they can expect the same high-quality standards that can be found in the rest of Cedarglen Homes models such as engineered stone countertops and nine-foot ceilings.

Cedarglen Homes is now building these bungalows exclusively in Seton with only 12 lot opportunities available currently. These homes are attractively priced at $339,900 and will offer homebuyers comparable monthly expenses to condo living with the perk of a single-family lifestyle. For more information, visit our single family showhomes at 22 Seton Manor SE for more information, or subscribe for updates here.