Meet The Response Team 14 Feb 2019

Meet The Response Team


If there’s something strange in your brand-new home...

Who you gonna call? CG Response Team!

If there’s something alarming and you’re between inspections...

Who you gonna call? CG Response Team!

Okay, so we’re not the Ghostbusters and that jingle just doesn’t have the same pep to it, but we do have Dr. Raymond Stantz’s passion for helping you keep your brand-new home from turning into a haunted mansion.

Navigating your warranty doesn’t have to be a scary affair; remember the tiers to your warranty throughout the next 1, 2, 7 and 10 years, as backed by the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, and the team at Cedarglen Homes will be visiting you for your 60-Day and 1-Year Inspections.

Built with an arsenal of resources for your home maintenance tool belt - including our Production Team’s own maintenance videos on our YouTube channel,  The Alberta New Home Warranty Program’s Guide to Care & Maintenance of Your New Home, as well as touch points with you like your 60-Day and 1-Year Inspections, we’d like to help you make the most of your home.

But what happens if ghoulish concerns sprout up in between your inspections? Meet your Response Team: three modern day warranty-concern-busters, here to save the day!


The kind face that greets you when you visit our office, also known as ‘Klutch’ for her mad axe-throwing skills (see here), she’s right on target every time and is the backbone of the Response Team.


The Whitster, Whitty, Wonder Woman Whitney; none of those are nicknames she goes by, but she’s just easy going enough to roll with it. She’s the bubble that doesn’t burst, and the contagious laugh of our department. If you to reach out to us and are lucky enough catch her on the phone, you’re guaranteed to hang up with a smile on your face.


The newest addition to our team brings 14 years of construction knowledge to the table. As the proud writer of this blog entry, she also serves a hefty dose of geekiness, channeling Dan Aykroyd-like dedication to your questions.

If there’s something strange in your brand-new home, you already know who you’re going to call; The Response Team! Reach out to us during our regular business hours at 403-255-2000 or And if you don’t feel like calling us, check out our newest Live Chat feature on the current homeowner’s page of our website. This way you can chat about whatever concerns you may have without interrupting your favorite show.

Have a great weekend!