Gingercane 2019 05 Dec 2019

Gingercane 2019

It’s getting to be that festive time of year again! Trees are being decorated, lights are being hung and little elves everywhere are working tirelessly to build the best gingerbread house in the north pole. Our drafting department at Cedarglen Homes is excited to announce that they will once again be participating in this year’s 10th Annual Gingercane 2019!

Gingercane is a fantastic online gingerbread contest geared towards the homebuilding industry that raises money to benefit local kid's hospital charities. Any company that is part of the homebuilding industry can participate in the ‘Pros’ category and submit a photo of their creation. Voting is then open to the public on a ‘Donate-to-Vote’ system where every dollar that is donated to each team counts as point. Winners are selected based on the team that raises the most amount of money and all proceeds are donated to the nearest Children’s hospital (in our case the Alberta Children’s Hospital). There is also a ‘Joes’ category and a ‘kids’ category if you are interested in participating on your own and helping to raise money. Click here to learn more.

This year, our team decided to build an impressive replication of a holiday train that is titled ‘Bringing Something for Everyone’. A great amount of work went into this creation and the details

Click here to see more pictures of Cedarglen Homes’ entry into the contest and donate-to-vote for Cedarglen Homes as any support is greatly appreciated.